min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Online Column



Online Column (Online)

  • Peter King: Monday Morning Quarterback: Sports Illustrated (consumer winner) 
  • Will the Nuclear Sector Rise Again?: Energy Central (b2b winner)

Peter King: Monday Morning Quarterback: Sports Illustrated (consumer)

With the sheer force of 7,000-plus words arriving on readers’ screens the morning after the clock runs down on the last Sunday game, King’s SI column is both though-provoking and thorough. He details every controversial decision and highlights a few key players-of-the-week readers may not know much about. King also has a delightful knack for injecting himself into the column.

“It started with writing about my kids’ sporting events…and it continued into travel stories and coffee-and-beer reviews and what I think about ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’” King says. “I just try to make the column in-depth on deadline, with some fun added.”

Will the Nuclear Sector Rise Again?: Energy Central (b2b winner)

Published just days after the March 2011 Japanese nuclear crisis amid spiraling questions regarding the fallout, EnergyBiz Insider editor Ken Silverstein’s piece resonated all the way to Congress because he says that “it called for prudence and reason to prevail and not panic and histrionics.”

The story in EnergyBiz, published by Energy Central, referenced key stakeholders within the nuclear community, including regulators, investigators and engineers and designers.

“As such, it became a reference point from which to begin discussions about nuclear’s new future in a post-Japan world,” Silverstein says.

Although all of the details of the accident could not have surfaced at the time of publication, the story painted as complete a picture as possible at an uncertain time.

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Advice About Women" by Tom Chiarella: Esquire.com, Hearst Digital Media
  • SHAPE.com – "Ask the Diet Doctor": American Media, Inc.
  • SHAPE.com – "Weight Loss Coach": American Media, Inc.
  • Steve Rushin: Rushin Lit: Sports Illustrated

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