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News + Breaking News Coverage (Editorial Print)

  • The Story Behind the Story, How SEC 151A Was Overturned: InsuranceNewsNet Magazine (b2b winner)
  • Special Report: The End of Bin Laden: TIME (consumer winner)

The Story Behind the Story, How SEC 151A Was Overturned: InsuranceNewsNet Magazine (b2b winner)

Grass-roots efforts, midnight meetings and covert conversations, oh my. The headlines were dramatic when a federal court vacated Rule 151A and Congress passed legislation barring the Securities and Exchange Commission from indexed annuity regulation, but the real drama was behind the scenes.

Writer Steven A. Morelli digs in and exposes the story behind the story of how the ruling was really overturned with insight that continues to resonate as the topic of financial reform lingers. His piece, published in the August 2010 issue, provides readers with insight that not only recasts the event itself, but likely will change the way they look at all future financial legislation efforts.

Special Report: The End of Bin Laden: TIME (consumer winner)

Compiled in less than 48 hours, Time’s issue heralding bin Laden’s May 2 death presented a contextual web of news and story-telling that spans political, cultural and personal realms.

“The fallout is by no means over, but we wanted our issue to provide at least one note of closure,” says Time executive editor Radhika Jones. “We also wanted to record the reaction to Bin Laden’s death as a moment of national catharsis.”

A cover shot of bin Laden’s face featuring the magazine’s iconic red “X” for only the fourth time in Time’s 88-year history – it’s been used only for Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – sets the tone for pieces including Joe Klein’s assessment of President Obama’s decision, then-CIA director Leon Panetta’s first interview post-raid, and a look inside the mind of bin Laden by Peter Bergen, who had previously interviewed him.

“The killing of bin Laden was an event that was international and local, tactical and emotional, and out goal was to span that range in our story-telling,” he says.

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