min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Magazine Design/Single Issue



Magazine Design/Single Issue

  • 100th Anniversary Issue: The Rotarian (b2b winner)
  • Vintage Magazine – Troisieme Issue: Vintage Magazine, LTD (consumer winner)

100th Anniversary Issue: The Rotarian (b2b winner)

A century of publication is no small accomplishment, and The Rotarian celebrated in style. The magazine’s 100th issue, published in January 2011, paired archival text, photos and illustrations with contemporary pieces on topics ranging from ethics to peace to service.

Anchored by Milton Glaser’s playful illustrations on the cover and contents page, the issue reminds readers of Rotary’s lasting international prestige and inspires them to continue the organization’s work into the future.

As one reader wrote: “Your work gives me many more reasons to be proud to be a Rotarian.”

Vintage Magazine – Troisième Issue: Vintage Magazine, LTD (consumer)

Vintage Magazine strives to bring aspects of history to the fore, enabling readers to see history through different lenses. The Troisième issue cleverly plays on this idea, with its focus on eyeglasses. From the cut-out lorgnette in the table of contents to writer Robin Bowman’s botanical piece (complete with a hand-stained, signed print for every reader) that shows nature extremely up close, the magazine focuses readers in clever and compelling ways.

“The key components to great magazine design are the same today as they have been through the decades that is, a magazine should be alluring and beautiful by way of the basic elements–font, typography, illustration, photography, size, paper and printing and binding,” says Ivy Baer Sherman, Vintage editor-in-chief and creative director. “Add to this keen attention to detail inside and out and while you’re adding, count in strict adherence to the concept that anything is possible.”

Honorable Mention:

  • Altered Egos, Annual 2011: Source Interlink Media
  • Budget Travel May 2011 – The Food Issue: Budget Travel
  • Popular Plates – BBQ: Source Interlink Media
  • Why Should You Go Green: Successful Farming

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