min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Investigative Article



Investigate (Editorial Print) 

  • Confessions of an Agent: Sports Illustrated

Confessions of an Agent: Sports Illustrated (b2b winner)

Prior to the publication of SI’s explosive account of how former NFL agent Josh Luchs doled out thousands of dollars and other benefits to college football players during his 20-year career, few knew the dirty details of the recruitment business.

After publication, a tornado of media coverage, calls for NCAA referendum and numerous individual investigations ensued. The most incredible aspect of the story? It was told in first person by Luchs himself. “The use of first person allowed the magazine to tell the story in more vivid detail, but that led to a significant challenge—how to include the confirmations and denials of the dozens of people accused without disrupting the first-person narrative of the story,” says Gene Menez, Sports Illustrated associate editor.

Rather than running the responses of those accused in the text per usual, responses run at the bottom of the page on which the accusation appears. “The execution worked beautifully,” Menez says.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Criminal Records in College Football: Sports Illustrated
  • Inside Pfizer’s Palace Coup: FORTUNE (consumer)
  • Prescription for Cancer: SELF Magazine
  • The Fall of Jim Tressel: Sports Illustrated

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