min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Best Freelance Photography



Best Freelance Photography

How Designs Are Born: LIFE.com

How Designs Are Born: LIFE.com

In the great Life tradition of offering readers an all-access pass to a given person or event, the magazine’s Web site pulled back the curtain on New York Fashion Week to expose the inspiration, dedication and sheer exhaustion designers embody in the name of making their collections look as effortless as they do gorgeous.

Freelance fashion and celebrity photographer Gabrielle Revere shadowed the co-designers of the Ruffian label beginning a month before the big event, and her resulting images pulse with a unique sensitivity energy.

From glamour and grace to attitude and emotionality, those who viewed Revere’s photo gallery will never look at Fashion Week – or any other fashion event, for that matter- the same way again.

Honorable Mention:

  • Altered Egos, Annual 2011: Source Interlink Media
  • David Arquette: His Life Now: LIFE.com
  • Inside the Westboro Baptist Church: LIFE.com

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