min Q&A: Bonnier’s Hano on iPad’s Ad Challenges

By Regina D'Alesio

Content may be king, but customer buy-in still defines a brand’s success. As magazines leverage digital platforms to drive revenue, they must remain focused on meeting the needs of the customer. In this Q&A, Gregg Hano, group publisher at Bonnier Technology Group, talks about creating innovative strategies to meet the goals of both the brand and the reader. Hano will discuss this topic and more at the min Bottom-Line Leadership for Magazine Brands Conference on June 10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, where he’ll be on the panel “Next Practices for Effectively Selling Integrated Multi-Channel Programs.”

min: Bonnier’s Popular Science was part of the first wave of magazines to launch on the iPad in April. What challenges did you face with getting advertisers on board?

Gregg Hano:
The biggest challenge so far has been changing ad creative — prepared for a printed product — into ad creative for the iPad within our app. Another big challenge is the current lack of metrics (time spent, demos, etc.) to justify the buy.

On the ad front we have made the changes to the ad creative in-house and then shared the iPad creative with the creative agencies for approval. On the metrics side, we have chosen to give complete counts of the number of issues we sold through the iTunes store to the advertisers and are currently working toward a solution on the metrics side.

min: How have you modified your organizational model to accommodate selling multi-channel programs?

Hano: We have added training for the sellers and a few more marketers for sales support. Our philosophy is that everyone in the Tech Group sells everything. As a result, we believe we have a better chance to uncover clients’ needs on a multi-platform level and develop integrated programs that achieve their goals.

min: How has leveraging new platforms like the PopSci Genius Guide or iPad helped to drive revenue?’¨

Hano: We have seen incremental revenue generated from both of the products — both ad revenue and consumer marketing revenue. While we are in a very early stage of development, we are laser-focused on developing a strong business model for digital magazines and all other brand extensions.

min: How do you measure the performance and success of these new platforms?

Hano: Success must be measured by consumer acceptance (both readers and advertisers) and repeat sales. If a customer subscribes and renews and an advertiser is happy with the results of their investment in our brands, then we will succeed because the reader and advertiser will pay a fair fee for the content or for reaching the valuable audience we deliver.

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