min magazine 2008 The Digital Hot List: Samir Arora


Samir Arora
Chairman and CEO, Glam Media

When it launched during Fashion Week in 2005, no one had ever heard of Glam.com. Three years later Samir Arora’s confederacy of 600 nano-publishers dominates the online fashion category, draws envious sneers from runway rivals, and plunders top talent from the print side. Arora has built a powerful digital brand and shaped a new model of vertical content networks that competitors in traditional media have been scrambling to mimic.

Since arriving in Silicon Valley in 1985 at age 19, he has been reengineering publishing models. A veteran of Apple, Arora also co-founded Web publishing software provider NetObjects. In 2002, Arora realized that America’s eyeballs were flocking to a platform that many big brands still ignore and founded a team to pull major brands into digital by leveraging hundreds of small sites and creating enormous scale quickly. The brand has seen exponential growth from 11 million uniques just a year ago to 44 million in the U.S. and 75 million worldwide. “It’s clear that this model works,” he says.