min Correction: The Nation Only Down Slightly in Print Ad Sales, Up in Web

By Steve Cohn

We mistakenly reported in min on Nov. 8 that The Nation suffered a 29.5% decline in advertising pages from 2009 to 2010. In fact, the decline was only 5.2% (through Nov. 8). Unfortunately, our mathematical error in our ad-page boxscores was cited by The New York Times in a prominent article (also Nov. 8) as the worst performance this year for a weekly magazine tracked by min. Clearly this was not the case, and we regret our error. The correct numbers are below.

The Nation president Teresa Stack tells min that large display print ads, led by corporate, are +5.6% in 2010 and digital ads (Web banner ads, site wraps and email marketing) are +32.8%.

In The Nation‘s business plan, advertising is third in overall revenues, with subscriptions leading and, interestingly, donations second. "This reflects the continued support of the journalism we provide," says Stack, in referring to The Nation‘s investigative reporting and analysis of politics. "Our donations continued to rise with the Democrats in power."

With the Republicans getting control of the House of Representatives, Stack expects both donations and circulation to increase in 2011.


Time Frame YTD 2010 YTD 2009 % of Diff
Jan-March 84.11 92.99 -9.55
Jan-June 178.96 187.28 -4.44
Jan-Sept 241.42 249.55 -3.26
Jan-Nov 8 275.68 290.68 -5.16


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