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Best Overall Campaign (2/2)

WINNER: Sapient Razorfish | KPMG Thought Leadership Content Campaign

COTY_Best Overall_Razorfish_CROPPED

The Consulting Services space is highly competitive, with competitors aggressively ramping their advertising spend. While KPMG enjoys strong brand awareness, they faced a significant perception gap of 25% between prospects and current clients. It was in this competitive context, with a limited media budget, that KPMG took on the challenge of closing that perception gap. The campaign targeted Fortune 500 C-suite executives, an audience that is always on-the-go, blurring consumption of business and personal content throughout the day. As an increasingly younger target, their media consumption habits are ever-evolving.

The company focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined C-suite audience, and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer actions. Overall, KPMG drove 22% lift in favorability for the first half of the campaign. Results consistently showed that exposure to KPMG’s brand campaign not only increased favorability but also decreased non-favorable responses. The company consistently outperformed both category norms (Professional Services – Financial Services) and Nielsen lift objective norms (Favorability).


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