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WINNER: Ink Global | Rhapsody Magazine/Celebrity Portfolio

Rhapsody Magazine

Rhapsody magazine’s mantra is “the finer things/the finer thoughts.” The idea being that a luxury lifestyle magazine should be about more than materialistic things. In addition to bringing United’s first and business class flyers entertaining and informative content on the best in luxury items and luxury experiences, they aim to give readers something purely for the mind—whether that be a travel memoir from the likes of Joyce Carol Oates or never-before-seen fiction from Truman Capote. Every month they exclusively shoot an a-list celebrity, using the best photographers across the globe, coming up with fresh ideas and maximizing shoots that usually span across 12 pages. Their successful shoots frequently garner press coverage from the likes of The Daily Mail, New York Post, E Online, People magazine, US magazine, Esquire, CNN, NBC.


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