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Advertising Campaign: Technology

WINNER: Forbes Media | Forbes with KPMG—The Great Rewrite

COTY_Advertising-Tech_Forbes and KPMG_CROPPED

KPMG partnered with Forbes’ Brand Productions to showcase its deep expertise across industries and institutions in an exciting, unexpected format. Inspired by ‘Anticipate Tomorrow. Deliver Today,’ Forbes and KPMG developed The Great Rewrite, a custom, multi-platform native advertising program that answers the question: Can a professional services firm rewrite the planet’s operating system?

Through a 6-month partnership with entrepreneur Leonard Brody, Efran Films, Forbes Brand Productions and KPMG subject matter experts, The Great Rewrite included thought leadership content surrounding the changes that will eventually affect six different industries: industrial manufacturing, energy, security, autonomous vehicles, financial services, and healthcare. Overall, this campaign was a monthly, documentary-driven series that was distributed on the BrandVoice digital platform and content was built upon in print and in-person events.The Great Rewrite earned 1.1M pageviews, 144M Brand Impressions, and reached a total readership of 19M via its print extensions. KPMG also achieved 96K video views across Forbes and social media.


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