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WINNER: Bloomberg Media Marketing Team

MP_Marketing Team_Bloomberg_CROPPED

Bloomberg Media Marketing is completely focused on putting its resources to work for clients in ways never before realized, all with the intention of making them smarter about their own business, delivering solutions that strategically and creatively exceed objectives- and to become the trusted filters they need. In 2016, Bloomberg Media re-launched its Custom Content Studio, signifying a strengthening in its mission to combine the energy of its proprietary real-time data and tech with the connective power of its global, multi-platform scale to create custom content that is on par with Bloomberg’s editorial quality and transparency. The Bloomberg Media Marketing Custom Content Studio has since been honored with over 30 major industry awards for design, video and brand content excellence.

The team has consistently exceeded success benchmarks to produce real results for partners, besting industry norms as measured by both our in-depth analytic suite and through custom proprietary surveys. Engagement time for Bloomberg’s custom content, for example, is almost twice the industry benchmark, building deep relationships between brands and Bloomberg’s uniquely valuable audiences and ultimately resulting in enviable renewal rates.


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