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Event Team

WINNER: Bonnier Corporation | Events & Entertainment Group

MP_Event Team_Bonnier_CROPPED

Bonnier Corp.’s Events Division produces more than 20 event franchises each calendar year, each capitalizing on the company’s expertise in enthusiast culture and industries as varied as fishing, hunting, sailing, water sports, and off-road and motor sports.

As a result of Bonnier Corp.’s exceptional events team, not only did the division’s more than 50 individual events satisfy attendees, sponsors and participants alike, but they also significantly moved the needle in the company’s overall strategy to diversify and expand its business beyond traditional media.

Last year, the Events Division saw double-digit growth, making it the major contributor to the Active Interest Network’s best year ever in absolute dollar profit contribution. After acquiring a new event and expanding other signature series in 2016, the team added yet another new event this March with the Off-Road Expo Spring Edition in Arizona, and the company anticipates even greater growth within the segment as new opportunities are developed within established properties.


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