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Social Media Excellence

WINNER: XO Group/The Knot | The Knot’s Instagram

MMA_Social Media_XO Group_CROPPED

Instagram is the most followed and most highly engaged social media platform for The Knot, with 1.2 million followers. Its average image drives about 8,000 engagements, with many images receiving more than 10,000 unique engagements. In just one year, The Knot has increased followers on Instagram by 100%.

In addition to driving high engagements, the brand is also driving traffic to TheKnot.com. In 2016, the brand saw more than a100% increase in referrals to TheKnot.com from Instagram. Another huge success for the brand has been through Instagram Stories. In January alone, the brand’s Stories were viewed more than 8 million times. Each individual story insert is viewed an average of 50,000 times, with some stories being viewed more than 70,000 times. To date in 2017, Stories have driven more than 10,000 sessions to various pieces of style and planning content on TheKnot.com. Lastly, The Knot has also found success in creating and monetizing a few franchises to get followers even more engaged in content.


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