Mike Hofman, GQ 


Mike Hofman, Executive Digital Director, GQ

Hofman’s career took an interesting turn when he left Inc. in 2011 to join Glamour as its digital managing editor. Now, four years later, his impact on the brand is still evident.

Hofman’s knack for developing digital content strategies reformed the Glamour brand, and made it a leader in its competitive set online. Under his leadership the brand grew its social and digital audience significantly. Rather than playing around with headlines or doubling down on the same kitschy techniques that most brands rely on online, Hofman turned to data and discovered that user behavior was as much responsible for traffic and engagement as was the content itself.

By posting different content at different times of day and deciphering why people were coming into Glamour.com in the first place, Hofman and his team were able to crack the code on how to maximize its audience and grow its monthly uniques by nearly 50% in some months.

Late last year Hofman left his post at Glamour in order to set his sites on bringing the same level of success to another Condé Nast brand—GQ. When he joined GQ as executive digital director, editor Jim Nelson said Hofman was there to make the brand “faster, smarter, more nimble, and ultimately more engaging.” Now he will be part of a larger strategy to not only grow the brand’s digital footprint, but also help publisher Howard Mittman grow revenue with an airtight digital content strategy.


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