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Food & Wine – FWx.com

Food & Wine’s new subdomain FWx is devoted to lifestyle for Millennials, with its own unmistakable identity: funny, raunchy and focused on contributors from outside traditional food media, like comedians and musicians. The site engages younger audiences with the brand, drives social media growth and generates new revenue opportunities.

To magnify the reach of the new site, the Food & Wine team researched young influencers like comedian/beer writer Ethan Fixell, and Grasie Mercedes, an L.A.-based blogger and TV host who covers the intersection of food and style. The topics and series originate from our digital team, which is made up of the target demographic.

Through Food & Wine’s vast social media network, they’re attracting a younger audience via FWx content that’s designed to be shareable. This includes superfast videos (such as a GoPro Cappuccino Cam that travels to coffee bars around the country) and interviews with the fledgling entrepreneurs behind viral products (“7 Questions with the Inventor of the Shower Wine Glass Holder”).

In less than a year, FWx has attracted more than 1.2 million monthly visitors (with more than half of traffic coming from social), lowered the median age of brand Facebook fans and driven an increase in digital revenue.


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