Meredith Special Interest Publications Mobilizes Reader Response Cards

By Michelle Manafy

Snipp Interactive Inc., a provider of mobile marketing solutions, has teamed up with Meredith’s Special Interest Media Group (SIMG) to digitally enhance its reader response activation program. The new digital approach uses Snipp’s ”Mobilize Me” platform and its new Mobile Microsite builder. SIMG VP/group publisher Steve Levinson says that he and his staff are testing the approach with two titles, Kitchen and Bath and Diabetic Living, (the latter of which has never previously included a reader response section). “I think that the technology lends itself to Diabetic Living in particular for the pharmaceutical accounts that really want to engage people.”

Of Kitchen and Bath, Levinson says it “has historically been one of our stronger lead-gen publications.” However they were finding that an increasing number of advertisers no longer wanted to fulfill lead generation through the mail given the high cost and slow response time. Although the mobile Web sites will offer the option of requesting collateral by mail, they also will feature a wide range of actions that readers may choose to engage with advertisers. Included are requesting PDF brochures by email, contacting advertisers directly, interacting with their social media pages, watching a video or visiting the Web sites.

Using Snipp Interactive’s tools, Meredith can create customized mobile Web sites for its advertisers where readers can interact by requesting advertising materials in ways that are easy for them—including by texting—and get a much faster response time. For advertisers, the solution cuts mail costs, but also makes it easier to convert leads as they are immediately notified when readers make requests for information.

Says Levinson: “I was never a big believer in business reply cards…and we’ve never offered [them] in the SIMG portfolio.”

With this tool, he feels he has a much clearer way to gauge genuine response and engagement saying, “every time a consumer clicks, we have a metric we can follow.” He is optimistic about mobile providing a greatly enhanced lead generation tool and says that if this approach is effective in these trials, they’ll “roll it out across our whole portfolio.”