Marketing Campaign


AARP – Rewards for Good

Sometimes even the best, most well thought out engagement execution can fail before it even gets started, bogged down by something trivial, like sign ins.

That’s why AARP made ease of access a priority for its recent program, Rewards for Good. In developing an experience to drive loyalty and increase membership registrations, the company gave players a wide array of social mission activities, games and more, across the website. The user’s participation in these social missions is rewarded with free points that they can use in the Redemption Center, for savings on local offers, travel deals, merchandise, and in auctions and sweepstakes. Users didn’t have to go through an elaborate sign up process to get started, but if they’d have to register if they wanted to maximize their winnings.

AARP used a variety of marketing platforms to get the word out about the game, including email, display advertising and even print.

The marketing efforts and emphasis on a simplified user experience worked. Engagement with the activities was up 92 percent after the game was put into effect, with more than 3 million registrations to date.


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