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• Rodale Has TV Aspirations 
• Magazine Media Industry Growth Still Slow 
• Q&A: Johnathan Davis on "The Power of the Newsweek Brand" 
• Magazines Continue to Lose Out on Ad Spend 
• The New Recruits: July 1, 2015 
• Money Shot: Time Inc. Gets in the Game, Pedals Mobile (Trivia) Crack. 
• minfographic: "People en Espanol" Dominates. 
• Steve Smith's App Review: A Cat Free Zone: BuzzFeed Really, Really Wants To Be Your New Source. 
• Magazine Media 360º Brand Audience Report, May 
• Quartz Unveils New Data Platform Atlas 
• IBM & Bon Appétit's Artificial Intelligence Cooking App 
• MSLO Sells for $353 Million 
• The New Yorker Responds to the Charleston Massacre with 'Nine' 
• min Social Media Boxscores May 2015 - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram 
• Steve Smith's Money Shot: Entertainment is Driving App Engagement, Digital Print Expands Audience. 
• Steve Smith's App Review: BHG Redesign Piles on the Content...and the Ads 
• The New Recruits: June 19, 2015 
• Wenner Media Lays Off More Than a Dozen 
• Rodale Inc. Teams With Chef'd to Deliver Meals 
• Ok, Maybe You Can Write Lucky’s Eulogy After All 
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