Jay Lauf, Quartz/Atlantic Media


Jay Lauf, Publisher & Co-President, Quartz, Atlantic Media

Calling someone a mobile-first pioneer might seem a little premature in 2015, but there’s a good argument for Lay Lauf. He has nearly 25-years of publishing experience in publishing and has served on both the editorial and business side of newspapers, magazines and websites, always with an eye on digital.

In just a few years since Quartz launched, the site has grown its audience tremendously. In January 2010, they were reaching around more than 5MM unique visitors and have since doubled, seeing an average of 10MM, with around 70 percent of that traffic coming in through social. Now that brand’s strategy is starting to apply to many of the brands at Atlantic Media.
The Atlantic may be 158 years old, but you’d never know it by how digitally savvy it’s become. While print is still important to Atlantic Media, digital is now accounting for more than half of its revenue—a place many magazine publishers are trying to get to. And while Lauf probably wont take all the credit for the company’s success, his strategy with Quartz has certainly played a role in where it’s heading in the future.

Lauf’s progressive mobile business model is one that every magazine media company should pay attention to.


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