iPad Newsstand Moving $70K in Sales a Day

By Steve Smith

While only six months old, the subscription-driven Newsstand section of the iPad App Store is ringing up content sales for premium publishers. According to app analytics firm Distimo the top 100 grossing apps in that section of the iPad Store are seeing about $70,000 a day among them. Distimo cites New York Times, TheDaily and New Yorker Magazine among the top grossing apps among newspapers and magazines on the Apple tablet.

Distimo finds that while gaming and productivity still generate a large share of the revenue among iPas apps, the Newsstand is becoming increasingly important to this economy. Over 7% of the top 200 grossing apps now come from the Newsstand category. Almost all of this revenue is coming from in-app purchasing. For February the top 5 grossing Newsstand apps were The Daily, NYTimes for iPad, New Yorker Magazine, National Geographic and Cosmopolitan.

When it comes to monetization the US market remain supreme even as the iPad extends its footprint worldwide. In this two-year review of the iPad App Store, Distimo says the United States is the highest grossing country for apps on the platform, but that China has for the first time eclipsed the US when it comes to sheer volume of free downloads. In February, for instance, the number of daily downloads from the top 300 most popular free apps for the Chinese market exceeded 1.1 million, while in their counterparts in the U.S. were just under a million.

In-app monetization is much more prevalent in the iPad ecosystem then elsewhere. About 10% of all apps use some form of in-app upselling of content compared to 6% in the iPhone Store and only 2% in Google Play, the recently renamed Android Marketplace.

Distimo counts over 180,000 apps now in the iPad ecosystem. Still, many of those 180,000 actually are “universal” iOS apps that work, sometimes differently, across the iPhone and iPad devices. Games continue to be the leading source of revenue on the iPad, with about 50% of all paid apps being games.


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