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Men’s Health: Ultimate Men’s Health Guy

In early 2014, Men’s Health set out to find the man that best represented the magazine’s mission—a man that strives for excellence in eating healthy, stays physically fit, invests in his relationships and whose job can still be a measuring stick for energy and integrity. The goal was to use the competition to discover and celebrate the guys who have made the brand so successful over the years, and to select one as representative of them all. The project, called The Ultimate Men’s Health Guy, ended up giving the brand the ultimate Men’s Health year. The competition opened in March through an in-book announcement and 1,300 submissions poured in until early summer. The “reveal” occurred on the Today Show in October. A seven-figure, mulitplatform ad/edit program was built around the competition and sponsored by Kenneth Cole. More than 3 million votes were compiled during the reader poll to pick the Ultimate Men’s Health Guy—Iraq war veteran Noah Galloway—and there were more than 800 million media impressions after the unveiling. Veterans groups, in particular, lauded the choice.


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