IAB Issues ‘Tablet Guide’ for Media

By Steve Smith

The Interactive Advertising Bureau kicked off Advertising Week and its own MIXX Conference on Monday (Oct. 3) by issuing a report acknowledging the fast rise of tablets as parts of the media and marketing mix. A new “Tablet Buyers Guide” publication is aimed at marketers and agencies to provide a roadmap to the new terrain. With contributions from major publishers such as Conde Nast, Hearst, IDG, and The New York Times, among others, the Guide outlines basic technical aspects of the platform as well as the advertising opportunities it makes available. The IAB has also supplied advice on how marketers might plan and execute campaigns on the platform.

The report tries to clarify some issues surrounding tablet advertising by distinguishing among ad types. In-App Ads are defined as ads served into apps that are downloaded to and reside on the device, while they delineate between two types of “Tablet Web Ads.” One type is delivered in a PC-Optimized Web site designed primarily for a PC-based audience, while another is for Tablet-Optimized Audiences. The IAB contends that a lack of standard ad units on tablets is an obstacle for marketers. It suggests in the report that tablets leverage existing ad units on the platform when possible and explore the use of sponsorships.

The IAB report says that tablets represent a unique category of digital media because their use cases are so varied. They are being used in tandem with other media like TV and can be read like a magazine or viewed like a TV screen. “Advertisers will need to take the unique features of tablets into account and find ways to leverage them in concerts with print, TV, radio and print interactive buys to realize and reap the rewards of adding tablets to a media plan,” states Sharon Knitter, senior director, mobile, Cars.com and co-chair of the IAB Mobile Advertising Committee.

The full report is available for download at the IAB site.