Harper’s Bazaar to Launch in The Netherlands

By Steve Cohn

Harper’s Bazaar is one of the great global brands with 29 non-U.S. editions, but surprisingly untouched was the Netherlands. Until March 25, when Hearst Magazines International president Duncan Edwards and Hearst Magazines Netherlands president Luc van Os jointly announced the September 2014 launch. After two more issues in 2014, the Netherlands HB will begin a 10-times-a-year frequency in 2015.

Also surprisingly, HB‘s Western Europe presence had been limited to Germany, Great Britain and Spain. Missing, besides the Netherlands, were fashion hubs France and Italy. A reason, since May 2011, was that the Lagardère SCA acquisition brought Paris-based Elle into the Hearst Corp. family, and the three countries are in Elle‘s "heartland." But one would have thought that the 147-year-old HB, like Vogue, would have been established there after World War II.

It was Elle that Edwards and van Os turned to in recruiting eight-year Elle Netherlands editor-in-chief Cécile Narinx (pictured) to edit the Dutch HB. min is told that Narinx’s Elle successor "will be named shortly." The edition is the first of Edwards’ "commitment to bring Bazaar to more markets throughout Western Europe."

Among the countries with HB editions are South Korea, Indonesia (a former Dutch colony) and the now-antagonistic Russia and Ukraine. Hearst Magazines International publishes 290 magazines and 147 websites in 34 languages and 81 countries.