Gets the Picture: Pinterest and Videos Drive 103% Visitor Spike

By Steve Smith

One look at our exclusive monthly Digital Media Boxscores (which track magazine brands’ online performance) in this week’s issue of min left us with one big question: What was up with Meredith’s in December? The site reported to us over 11.4 million unique visitors for the month, up a whopping 103.575 from the 5.6 million visitors in November. And this was in a month where holiday shopping and reduced work days tend to challenge everyone’s metrics.

But according to the magazine, the spike was part of a multimedia double punch. Just as people were contemplating those New Year’s resolutions and getting rid of what they had gained over the holiday, Fitness promoted its deep collection of over 800 30-second exercise videos on site.

Keeping an eye on visual media, Fitness also saw tremendous activity from Pinterest, which sent more referrals to the site in December than Google. Indeed, some social media really is challenging search as a critical discovery and traffic mechanism. In’s case it was also a matter of deft programming. Workout and recipe images registered well, and a specific Pinterest project, “100 Days of Guilt-Free-Holidays” concluded at the end of December.

Pinterest was also a key driver at Meredith’s flagship where uniques were up 29.01% for December approaching 17.7 million. The holiday content at BHG was extensively pinned and repined on the image sharing network. They also launched the Delish Dish blog and hosted an Ultimate Christmas Cookie Challenge. Meredith says that 11 year-old online tradition, “100 Days of Holidays” increased both visits and engagements this year, with 98% of visitors taking at least one action in response to the content. In video views alone, the site served 5 million of the new holiday clips just in December.