Finalists Announced for ASME Best Cover Contest, 2007

By Jeremy Greenfield
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300 entries from 138 magazines have been narrowed down to 21 top covers for this year’s ASME Best Cover Contest. There are three finalists for each of the seven categories. The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, GQ, and New York Magazine led all entrants with two finalists each. Below are listed the categories and finalists. Click here to view all of the finalists’ covers. The winners will be announced at this year’s American Magazine Conference, October 28-30, in Boca Raton, FL.

Cover of the Year
· Esquire, December 2006: Best & Brightest or Genius Issue, featuring George Clooney
· The New Yorker, September 11, 2006: 9/11 Tightrope-walker
· Vanity Fair, July 2007: Africa Issue cover featuring Muhammad Ali and Barack Obama

Best Celebrity Cover
· Condé Nast Traveler, September 2006: Naomi Watts on Chrysler Building
· LIFE, January 12, 2007: Patrick Dempsey as “Sexiest Dad Alive”
· Wired, August 2006: Stephen Colbert “How To”

Best Concept Cover
· The American Lawyer, December 2006: Death of the goose that laid the golden egg
· GQ, May 2007: “Stephen Colbert for President”
· TIME, October 16, 2006: GOP Elephant

the american lawyer, asme, amc, best cover contest
Best Fashion Cover
· Harper’s Bazaar, February 2007: Drew Barrymore on Rockefeller Center rooftop
· Vanity Fair, September 2006: Kate Moss on first ever Style Issue
· W, November 2006: Postminimalist image on first annual Art Issue
w magazine, asme, amc, best cover contest
Best News Cover
· D Magazine, September 2006: “Parched” North Texas drought
· New York, June 25, 2007: Steve Jobs as “iGod”
· The New Yorker, April 9, 2007: Military tax forms

Best Service Cover
· BabyTalk, August 2006: Baby breastfeeding close-up
· O at Home, Winter 2006: Before-and-after “Get Organized” gatefold
· Skiing, January 2007: Powder skiing action shot

babytalk magazine, asme, amc, best cover contest
Best Coverline
· GQ, May 2007: “The Office Meeting: The Leading Cause of Death for Men Under 35”
· New York, August 21, 2006: “What If 9/11 Never Happened?”
· Texas Monthly, January 2007: “If You Don’t Buy This Magazine, Dick Cheney Will Shoot You in the Face”
texas monthly magazine, asme, amc, best cover contest