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Refinery29’s newsletters offer a sample of their content they publish on their site such as outfit ideas, quick morning beauty fixes, career advice and monthly horoscopes. They cover everything from fashion, beauty, shopping, entertainment, living, news and more. They offer a personal touch through editor anecdotes, life hacks, visuals and photos.

The Refinery29 Everywhere newsletter features stories from across their site each day. In addition to offering style advice and celebrity buzz, the newsletter also promotes products that readers want to buy – in a convenient shopping module. They also present videos and leverage specific campaigns for brand partners, with strategically place email units and visuals.

The Everywhere email has a global appeal, but Refinery29 also offers newsletters for women in local channels – such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. Each email highlights unique, site-specific information for the audience. Examples include a style story on local Orthodox Jewish women for their New York audience. The newsletter has 1.8 million email subscribers, with a 45% YoY list growth increase. The emails have a bold but easy-to-navigate design, with mobile optimization that allows readers to enjoy content on the go or on a desktop.


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