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AARP.org: Boomers@50+

The year 2014 was the last one that members of the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964) turned 50. It was AARP’s goal to highlight this milestone by engaging its readers in a yearlong celebration to illustrate the generation’s significant impact across the culture. AARP’s research department provided a wealth of data across key themes that helped shape the special coverage throughout the year: Travel, fitness, finance, etc. A special section page, Boomers@50+, was created and during the year, it housed content that portrayed how Boomers impacted the arts, fitness, the concept of retirement, the family unit and life post-50, for example. “The Boomer List,” 19 people who defined a generation, was featured in AARP the Magazine and turned into a coffee table book, special interactive demographic maps, important inventions featured in “The Boomer Collection” and other special content also appeared in the section. In all, the section received more than 50 million page views. Other success factors included the premier of The Boomer List on PBS and a partnership with American Idol to host a singing contest to select a “Boomer Superstar” to appear at AAPR’s national event. One of the biggest social media wins of the year was when First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of her proudly displaying her AARP membership card on her birthday. AARP’s Facebook post welcoming FLOTUS to the Boomers50 club received 43,308 engagements in one month, garnering over 19,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments on the AARP Facebook page.


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