Editorial Excellence



GQ.com brilliantly reflects the coolest and most up-to-date aspects of a certain slice of pop culture, with a slant toward smart, youngish men, of course. 2014 was a big year, with the brand rolling out a long-form design aesthetic, enabling a consistency in tone with the print magazine. Most major stories are now accompanied by a mix of videos, animated GIFs, integrated galleries, as well as interactive diagrams and maps, in order to make use of the unique advantages of the digital environment. The site also features reliably unique (and informed and smart) takes on the news of the day, with commentary that caters to the audience. And there’s experimentation: Like “GQ’s Global Street Style” survey, which followed seven photographers around the globe and examined their home cities’ unique cultural slants and attitudes toward men’s style. Overall, this site is like a fun, inviting, erudite companion, ensuring that men are ready with knowledge and conversation points, whether it’s at a dinner party or a ball game with the guys.


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