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Billboard has been the leader music-industry media, and over the last year or more has extended its expertise into the consumer realm. Billboard.com has been at the center of that effort. Key to the strategy has been web-based lists, infographics and other elements interpreting the brand’s iconic charts. Fun, social-friendly content underpinned the effort to adapt to and reach new generations of music fans. 2014 also saw an increase in video offerings from Billboard.com, bringing its readers interviews and performances from all the major music festivals and award shows, as well as new series, like the Hot 100 chart show and the Real-Time Rewind series pegged to new Twitter charts. How has all this worked? Billboard has experienced year-over-year growth across all categories including a 44 percent increase in page views, a 41 percent increase in unique visitors to 13 million monthly, and massive growth across social media.


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