Domino Tops ‘Most Missed’ Magazine Poll

By Steve Smith

Well, you guys really, really miss your Domino magazine. In last week’s wildly popular minonline poll that asked “Which Magazine Do You Miss the Most?” the style and décor book that we last saw over a year ago topped the voting. With 1,238 votes counted across 10 choices, a remarkable third (33%) most missed their Domino.

“I still thumb through old, dog-eared copies,” says one comment in the poll. And she is not alone among collectors of the book. “Every time I look at my old issues I can’t believe there won’t be any more coming in the mail,” says one longing reader. “Bring back Domino,” say another. We contacted publisher Condé Nast about the prospects of reviving their defunct and apparently beloved title, and they declined to comment.

But former Domino editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman did tell minonline, “So nice if you have to be gone, not to be forgotten also!” And former publisher Beth Brenner, now at Traditional Home, tells us, “Not a day passes when I don’t encounter a former Domino reader lamenting its passing — literally, not a day. No other media property has taken its place in their hearts — or their lives — so it is touching, but not surprising, that we would be the most missed.”

By the way, for fans who want to wax nostalgic, Domino’s Facebook page is still available. The most recent post was titled “farewell” on Jan. 30, 2009. It garnered 231 comments.

Our second most-missed title, Spy magazine (28.7%) brought forth some of the most enthusiastic commentary. One of the satire magazine’s biggest fans was philosophical about the book, however. “I kept all my 1986-89 copies of Spy; more than twenty years on. The sheer volume of ideas and creativity is astounding. Perhaps even more than most defunct magazines, though, Spy had a time and place — it withered and died for a reason, and a revival would likely just be sad.”

Gourmet, Life and Metropolitan Home rounded out the top five most missed magazines. But our comments board was filled with others we didn’t nominate. The brainy Lingua Franca was mentioned more than once as was Sassy. Budget Living, Grand Street, I.D. and Cookie also got write-ins.

Actually in lieu of bringing back any or all of these magazines, we wonder if their publishers would be willing to put the back catalog into Google’s Books project where scores of new and old titles are available for searching and viewing. The full polls results are below.

Which Magazine Do You Miss Most

Minonline Poll: 1238 Votes

Which closed magazine has left the biggest hole for you on the newsstand?

1 2 3 4 5
1999-2008 2005-2009 1941-2009 1998-2001 * 1936-2004
6 7 8 9 10
1935-2001 1969-2009 1970-1998 1985-1994 **1930-2004
       * Life had 3 lives. (1930-1959); (1960-1999); (2000-2004)
      ** YM had 3 lives. As Calling All Girls (roughly 1930-1959); As Young Miss (roughly 1960-1979); as YM (1980-2004)


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