Digitas Opens B2B Marketing Agency

By Steve Smith

One of the biggest and most experienced media buyers in the digital ecosystem formally launches a business unit dedicated to b2b marketing. Digitas Business is focusing on blending b2b and b2c techniques as well as customer relationship marketing and the latest technology in digital marketing. Digitas Business is promising to employ social media, mobile and content solutions for their clients. The company is claiming record new business growth in its b2b client base. Digitas North America president Colin Kinsella said in a statement: “With the greatest sea change in b2b marketing happening right now, businesses need innovative ideas that mirror the transformation of the industry.”

Kinsella appointed Dennis Reilly director of the practice. Reilly has been with Digitas since 1995, where he pioneered digital CRM programs and developed brand strategy, sites and CRM programs for Fortune 500 companies in health-care, financial services and technology. Reilly says: “With new technologies, platforms and tools, the way a sales force communicates to prospects and clients has shifted dramatically.” His strategy is for Digitas to marshal the newest technologies, like digital video, tablets and mobile CRM, to supply client sales and marketing forces.

According to a recent Forrester survey of corporate marketers, businesses have increased their b2b marketing spend 6.7% in 2011.