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In the 120-year history of the auto industry, women have faced countless hurdles in achieving professional equality and success. That’s been changing steadily though.

Lindsay Brooke, senior editor for Automotive Engineering Magazine and a 30-year industry veteran, addresses the issue thoroughly in a 16-page special report: “Women In Vehicle Engineering.”

Through day-to-day reporting, Brooke had observed a steady increase in women engineers at U.S. automakers, while their European and Asian counterparts were clearly still lagging behind. Two years ago, he began to notice a change though.

A year-long investigation confirmed it, showing a clear trend toward recruitment and growth of female staff. Brooke interviewed more than two dozen engineers, human-resource experts, and workforce researchers, pored through an equal number of recent professional studies and led a high-level panel discussion at the 2014 SAE World Congress related to the subject. He contacted every major automaker in the world.

The feature elicited a strong reaction from association membership. Brooke was contacted by dozens of readers in the aftermath of publication, and was used as the basis for a subsequent article in Fortune.


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