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Garden & Gun

Garden & Gun is a dynamic Southern lifestyle magazine with a unique mission—to capture the “Soul of the South.” With a lively mix of sporting culture, food, music, art and travel, it has turned the old formula of Southern magazines upside down. It targets an affluent audience of men and women bound by a strong connection to the land.

Print is the foundation of the brand, and with an expansive feature well, gorgeous photography, and a clean, elegant design, Garden & Gun is committed to capturing the beauty and texture of the South. They wanted to make sure that same aesthetic carried through to their tablet edition, launched in 2013.

The crew spent months developing an easy-to-navigate template that would reflect the clean style of the print issue, and through recognizable icons and a user-friendly architecture, created an intuitive interface for the reader. Each issue is completely redesigned for the tablet by our two-person art team.

This year, they focused on delivering multimedia bonus content.

Videos enhance the stories’ sense of place or provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their creative process, while exclusive audio playlists or links to live music performances round out the all-encompassing experience for readers.

The work appears to be paying off—iPad subscriptions were up 34 percent last year.


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