Vulture’s Gazelle Emami On What She Loves About Writing

Emami was recently named Vulture’s deputy editor, a promotion that has been in the works since she began writing in high school.


Gazelle EmamiThe moment writers get paid to write is a major milestone. For Gazelle Emami, the recently promoted deputy editor of Vulture, her path to that moment began in high school when she became a features editor at her school paper. She was hooked on the craft immediately and had no doubts that a career in journalism was in her future. Her only challenge was figuring out what she wanted to write about.

Emami, 31, tells min that the moment she knew what she wanted to write about came when she launched the culture section at The Huffington Post, under the guidance of editor John Montorio. She suggests that Montorio sharpened her editing skills and showed her how empowering it can be to shape the cultural conversation while staying behind the scenes.

After leaving HuffPost she joined Vulture as the brand’s TV editor. She suggests her biggest win was her influence on expanding the Vulture’s TV coverage, which is “defined by incisive essays (Angelica Jade Bastien on why the modern noir has atrophied), provocative conversations (Alex Jung’s interviews with RuPaul), and accessible TV industry reporting (Josef Adalian and Maria Elena Fernandez’s deep-dive into Peak TV).” She adds, “A large part of this has been bringing on up-and-coming writers whose voices I connect with—when you develop a strong editor-writer relationship, it can be very inspiring, and great work will flow from there.”

She doesn’t merely manage other writers though. Emami is also proud of the piece she penned on the uncomfortable legacy of the movie Not Without My Daughter and how it further distorted the image of Iranian-Americans, as well as the conversation she moderated between two of television’s great character actresses, Ann Dowd and Margo Martindale.

She has taken her editorial voice to podcasting and launched The Vulture TV Podcast, which she also hosts. “That pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way,” she says.

With all this, it’s no wonder she was recently named deputy editor. Still, she isn’t about to rest on her laurels.

“There are a lot of big stories and projects I’m excited to work on.” she says. “One of my more immediate goals is to continue to expand the stable of writers I work with, and bring more writers of color into Vulture’s fold.”


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