"Cosmopolitan’s" Veterans Day Means Kisses for the Troops…


As a holiday, Veterans Day gets short shrift in part because November 11 is close to Election Day and Thanksgiving. Plus, we already honor our deceased veterans on Memorial Day.

But Veterans Day recognizes all members of the military, including those on active duty, which makes Cosmopolitan ‘s Kisses for the Troops so special. Since 2009, Cosmo and partner Maybelline New York have used the holiday to collect Kisses for the Troops in Afghanistan. On November 12 (the Veterans Day observance this year), there will be a "Kiss Station" in New York’s Father Duffy Square (West 47th Street in Times Square) for the public to plant kisses on postcards that will be sent to Afghanistan in time for Valentine’s Day.

In addition, says Cosmo senior vp/publishing director (since August 1995) Donna Lagani, readers can send "virtual kisses" via Cosmopolitan.com / Kisses or the Kisses for the Troops tab on Cosmo ‘s Facebook page.

For each collected kiss, Cosmo and Maybelline New York will donate $1 to the USO, which has coordinated the entertainment for armed forces members stationed overseas since the onset of World War II in 1941. Additionally the USO is supporting the more than 10,000 military and National Guard members helping with the post- Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

The popularity of Kisses… has soared from 1,817 in 2009 to an impressive 62,271 last year. That sum included 32,168 "conventionally" plus 29,049 from Campus Kisses for the Troops that was done with 30 college sororities across the U.S. Pucker away!

…And Veterans Day is Also a "Debut" for Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles

She moved to Cosmo from Marie Claire editor-in-chief two months ago (succeeding Kate White), and Coles’ first public event is her hosting Coles will host the Cosmo 100 luncheon Monday (November 12) at Michael’s. "I set this date to salute the 100 ‘most powerful, accomplished women’ in New York so that we could discuss the election," says Coles. "That President Obama won a huge majority of the women’s vote in part because he is pro-choice is very Cosmo, and we’re thrilled."

Among the "100" are Sarah Jessica Parker, Mika Brzezinski, Diane von Furstenberg, Gayle King (O), and 1995-2010 Hearst Magazines president Cathie Black. "It was Cathie who hired me [in 2006] at MC," says Coles, "and I will always be grateful to her."

Saluting Cosmo ‘s & Maybelline’s Kisses for the Troops,

The Editors

Steven Cohn, Editor-in-Chief

Michelle Manafy, Senior Editor

Steve Smith, Digital Media Editor