Cohn on Mags: ‘I Think It Has Hit the Bottom’

By Steve Smith

Our own min editor-in-chief Steve Cohn joined MarketWatch columnist Jon Friedman yesterday for his Media Minute video. Asked to reflect on the state of the ad economy for magazines, Cohn said he felt that things had hit a “bottom” with nowhere else to go but up. A comeback for magazines is contingent on the general economy, the return of consumer confidence, the health of the auto industry, and any effects of the stimulus package. “There are so many ‘ifs’ out there,” Cohn says. A leading indicator of a possible upturn will be the September issues of the women’s fashion magazines, which will be closing their ad sales after the July 4 holiday. Cohn went on to compare this recession to previous recessions and review the categories that fare better and worse in such times. The full interview is at MarketWatch.