Cindy Jeffers, Salon


Cindy Jeffers, CEO/CTO, Salon Media Group

Jeffers has held the position as CEO and CTO since 2012. Many have credited her for leading a turnaround for the business after a few trying years. Jeffers joined the team from The Huffington Post, where she was technical director. Salon’s board of directors originally recruited Jeffers to be CTO, and it was only through that process that Jeffers emerged as a candidate for the CEO job, now holding both titles.

Jeffers is a leader in online publishing and Salon is one of the earliest examples of an “online magazine.” She has led the brand’s expansion on emerging platforms and just this past April, Jeffers announced the launch of the Salon app for Apple Watch. She said “the app extends our fearless journalism, breaking news, analysis and opinion to an even more personalized experience on an exciting new content platform.”

Jeffers has led a smart strategy to generate more revenue through traffic by leveraging SEO and social optimization – and has demonstrated digital excellence on multiple platforms.


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