Bob Guccione, Jr., Is Not "Spin"-Ning With Optimism


The Spin that Guccione launched in 1985 was a huge success–as shown by his 1998 sale of the music monthly to then- Vibe -flagshipped Miller Publishing for a reported $42 million. Conditions went downhill from there, with the McEvoy Group paying just $5 million for Spin in 2008, and the brand being given with debt-assumption to BuzzMedia last summer.

The not-surprising result was BuzzMedia–which never released a print Spin on its own–officially converting it to digital-only before Christmas. Says Guccione:

The [McEvoy] ownership made the unforgivable mistake of allowing [ Spin ] to get boring, and [BuzzMedia] has made a grave mistake. Spin is an offline brand, not an online one. It could have grown into a market-leading brand online, but needed the umbilical cord of its physical, offline existence to nourish it. People don’t think of it online. I think it will fade into irrelevance as a digital entity. Irrelevance as its final state?  That’s really sad.