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IMA People Categories

People Categories
  • Top Integrated Marketer/Consumer
    (VP Level and Above)
  • Top Integrated Marketer/Consumer
    (Manager, Associate Level)
  • Top Integrated Marketer/B2B
    (VP level and Above)
  • Top Integrated Marketer/B2B
    (Manager, Associate Level)

IMA Categories

IMA Categories
  • Custom Publishing Project
    A first-class print or electronic project customized for a client or group of clients. Top considerations: content, design, creativity, and client satisfaction.
  • Customized Web Site/Microsite
    A sponsored section of a magazine site designed to educate an audience on a specific topic. Top considerations: design, sponsorships and advertising placement; depth of site, qualified traffic to section, and effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  • Event/New Event Program
    A sponsored event or group of events tied to the magazine brand and presented by a magazine publisher. Top considerations: creativity of event, presentation of event, attendance/audience, sponsors’ satisfaction.
  • Multiple Magazine Title Program
    A media offering that leverages multiple magazine titles as part of the advertising/sponsorship package. Top considerations: presentation of plan to client; success of media program.
  • Online Events
  • Print/Mobile Bundle
    Advantageous and effective use of print and mobile properties to maximize a client or clients’    media program.
  • Print/Online Bundle
    Advantageous and effective use of print and online properties to maximize a client or clients’ media program.
  • Print TV or Radio Bundle
    A media program that includes the print product/s and radio advertising/sponsorship
  • Print/Video/Web Bundle
    Leveraging a publishers’ print and broadcast reach for a client/s Top Considerations for all Media Bundles: customization and depth of program, return on investment for advertiser; how effectively the publisher has leveraged the power and reach of their media holdings.
  • Retail/Merchandising Tie-in

  • Special Advertorial Section
    Customized section of magazine/s designed to educate readers and align message with advertisers. Top considerations: editorial quality, outstanding design, the marketing of program and outcome.
  • Sweepstakes/Contest
    Interactive, creative approach to reaching out to readers while providing advertisers with out-of-box way to reach key audiences. Top considerations: content and creativity of contest/giveaway and results, including number of entrants and satisfaction of sponsors.
  • Total Integrated Program
    honoring the most comprehensive integrated marketing programs that capitalize on three or more key areas of the marketing mix to great effect.


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