August Marks Another Month of Tepid Confidence in Ad Business

A look at this month’s magazine media confidence index.


August confidence graphsThe trend line is only becoming more clear. With a strong indication that confidence lies in digital, with several executives noting that they are “100% confident” in their digital businesses, overall confidence in the industry remains lukewarm at best.

One CEO summed it up nicely saying, “my confidence level hasn’t really been changing month-over-month. The B2B ad market is solid in our space. Not hot… but good overall.”

For most execs, anxiety can be traced to the increased demands from advertisers as companies are only seeing good news on the digital side, if they’re seeing it at all.

“I worry about how we continue to meet or exceed [advertiser’s] benchmarks, and whether our advertisers are overlooking long-term success,” another CEO says.

One exec noted that his company is seeing some softness related to uncertainty around government funding.

Another factor could just be that we’re in the summer months: “I feel like we’re getting a rash of client campaign changes, moves and cancellations. Folks go on vacation and don’t have creative ready when they get back,” says a third CEO.



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