Golf, Gym, Guys and Rides Drive Male Engagement In April

An in-depth look at our monthly social media boxscores.


Screen shot 2017-05-24 at 9.55.52 AMWomen’s service magazine brands have mastered, and often led, social media sophistication, but men are social/mobile too. In this month’s look at social activity among magazine brands, we highlight the male-skewing titles. And we find that social media success is increasingly relying on a real-time vibe. The fast rise of Facebook Live continues to exert its influence, not only in driving video engagement, but in underscoring how social users are consulting this channel for status updates of all sorts, not just content as usual.

Wenner Media has been upping its social game with the company’s broadening video production. Even though Men’s Journal popped onto our radar with its spike in Instagram engagement in April (+84.2%, but off of a small base), the real action was taking place elsewhere in its social sphere. Tyghe Trimble, editorial director of Men’s Journal, tells min that the magazine’s 25th Anniversary issue in May produced a wealth of material that crushed it on social. They targeted Instagram with their 25 best adventure photos of the past 25 years, but it was Facebook that enjoyed separate videos highlighting the “25 Most Adventurous Men of the Past 25 Years.” They convened a star chamber roundtable that brought together Richard Branson, Jimmy Chin and Ben Stookesberry to discuss death-defying adventure lives.

“Our Facebook Live initiatives have been strong, with many live workout sessions (from CrossFit to Yoga), talks (including two of our 25 Most Adventurous Men giving a lecture),” Trimble says.

Interestingly, and against preconceptions about Pinterest, Men’s Journal is enjoying growing popularity there. “Clearly, [Pinterest] is not just for women and weddings anymore,” he says. “Gear, grooming and whiskey have been the biggest growth categories on Pinterest, which has been in an ongoing battle with Twitter to be our second highest source of social traffic.”

TEN: The Enthusiast Network also credits Facebook Live for its continued dominance in video, especially in the way it drove activity from New York Auto Show reveals. “The winning formula appears to be brands+launches+NY Auto Show+360 content+event=impact and traffic,” CMO of TEN, Jonathan Anastas tells min.

American Media’s Men’s Fitness enjoyed a 67% rise in Instagram engagement that Chief Digital Officer Brian Kroski credits to combining editorial teams in fitness and increasing output. Workouts, nutrition and fitness lifestyle posts are driving the growth.

Condé Nast’s Golf Digest took a big swing on Facebook in April, upping its game 59% in engagement activity. It started what the brand calls a “3, 2, 1” model of posting three videos, two images and one text post per day, which it says helps attract the user reactions that Facebook’s algorithms seem to be favoring of late. For examples, the brand started a series of very popular daily questions of its social followers—insta-polls on their favorite club and such. The video and image bucket got filled in part by social-on-social coverage. Four PGA pros took a “brocation” golf tour dubbed SB2K17, which they recorded on Snapchat. Golf Digest has gotten down with the bros and is reporting on their antics. Nothing sells bros to bros like bros being bros.



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