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For min/minonline subscribers only: More than 3 million iPads were sold in the first six months after the beautiful gadget was released by Apple, and tablet sales are expected to ultimately dwarf that figure. Meanwhile, smartphones are becoming a way of life. This marks a sea change in media consumption, and magazine brands have been quick to position themselves as leading providers of mobile content. In essence, mobile apps are enabling magazine brands to finally translate to the digital realm their unique content and close relationships with their audiences. In min’s exclusive App Central, you’ll get access to detailed (and graded) reviews of the latest mobile apps, our expanding Magazine Mobile App Database and analysis of mobile app business models, design and technology.

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Now available on demand: min Webinar—Apps 2.0 for Magazine Brands
Trainers: Joe McCambley, The Wonderfactory; Matt Bean, Rodale Inc.; Ulla McGee, Macworld/PCWorld

App Reviews

iPad Goes Tabloid With Enquirer Plus App

While People and Popular Science magazines remain among the top ten highest grossing periodical brands in the Apple iPad App Store Entertainment section,... more.

Real Simple iPhone App Taps M-Commerce

M-Commerce is among the most promising business models for publishers on a number of different levels... more.

NatGeo Today Dazzles on iPad By Not Being a Magazine

The digital edition of National Geographic’s monthly magazine is among the top sellers and top grossing apps in the News category of the iPad store.... more.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ Squeezes Its Interactivity Onto the iPhone

It may be hard to recall that interregnum between the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the arrival of the iPad several years later. .... more.

MSLO’s Whole Living Arrives on the iPad

Joining the other major titles in the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia portfolio, Whole Living comes onto the iPad in a digital edition with the May issue... more

PC Mag Designs iPad App ‘From Scratch’

Sometimes folding a print pub is a good thing for a transitioning magazine brand... more.


More App Reviews  
More App Analysis and Data

Steve Smith's App Review: Hollywood Reporter App Struggles with Clutter and Technology

The Hollywood Reporter is not lacking for content...

Steve Smith's App Central: CQ Supercharges iOS App to Make News You Can Use

Washington is a morass under the best of circumstances. Tracking the meetings, people and issues would be daunting for the most seasoned politico....

Esquire Goes Weekly On the iPad: It's About Time

File this one under "what took so long?" The iPad gives magazines easy access to readers on a routine basis at a relatively low cost....


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