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App Reviews

Three News Apps for the Apple Watch

Most news apps have taken the arrival of the Apple Watch as an opportunity to simply push alerts or headlines to the wrist...more

It's The Experience, Stupid: Why "The Guardian" Excels

I have more than a dozen different news apps on my iPhone, from NYTNow, to aggregators like News Republic and Circa, to inspired...more

ESPN's Successfully Targets a Different Kind of Fan

I covered’s relaunch just a few months ago, and said its more responsive and mobile-first site was a fine, if not stunning, redesign...more

Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit' Is a Magazine and a Storefront

Fashion destination does not pretend to be a major magazine publisher. But it may be doing a better job than most traditional magazine brands...more

The Atlantic Redesign: a Clean, Well-Lit, Cluttered Place

No one ever accused The Atlantic of being unreflective. The venerable and long-lived magazine brand, which reinvented itself successfully years ago as a source of big ideas...more

'T+L': More Mobile Friendly Than Mobile Ready

Time Inc.’s Travel + Leisure relaunched all of its properties this month under a new editorial mission it describes as “broadening coverage around the travel lifestyle...more 

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Steve Smith's App Review: A Cat Free Zone: BuzzFeed Really, Really Wants To Be Your New Source.

BuzzFeed News drips earnestness. The &ldquo...

Steve Smith's App Review: BHG Redesign Piles on the Content...and the Ads

Meredith relaunched its flagship BHG site this...

Steve Smith's App Review: "Slate’s" Many Doors to Content.

Among all the endemic digital publishers...


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