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App Reviews

Snapchat Recruits Media Brands for Its Content Platform

Known for its ephemeral messaging, Snapchat fully embraced the trend with its launch of Discover, which...more

Just Talk: An Interview Pub Finds Perfect Elegance in Mobility

A number of Web-only startups, like LongReads and Medium, have taken the noble position that people actually want lean-back, thoughtful, immersive journalism amidst click bate listicles and shoot-from-the-hip...more

Hollywood Reporter App Struggles with Clutter and Technology

The Hollywood Reporter is not lacking for content. That much is clear from the tree of eleven sections beyond the homepage in their mobile app. But it gets thornier ..more

Seventeen App Marries Digital Edition with Site Content and Mobile Utility

Magazines continue to struggle with a disconnect between early ambitions to “enhance” print on devices with digital editions, and mobile users’ fuller embrace of real-time news and interactivity. ...more

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Steve Smith's App Review: It's The Experience, Stupid: Why "The Guardian" Excels.

I have more than a dozen different news apps on my iPhone,...

Steve Smith's App Review: ESPN's XGames.Com Successfully Targets a Different Kind of Fan

I covered’s relaunch just...

Steve Smith's App Review: Net-A-Porter's 'The Edit' Is a Magazine and a Storefront

Fashion destination does...


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