Angela Matusik, InStyle


Angela Matusik, Executive Editor, Digital, InStyle

Matusik’s first dotcom role came nine years ago as a development editor at, since then she has held a number of roles in the digital world as an editor and consultant. Other notable stops have included NBC Universal, and her own blog,

She describes herself as a “metrics-driven” editor. And the numbers speak volumes about her work. She leads a brand that has a social reach that touches nearly eight million users between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Matusik oversaw the redesign of and was instrumental in integrating the brand’s print workflow into the digital infrastructure. In less than a year engagement increased 100%, and traffic is up by 25%.

Video is becoming a keystone product for Time Inc. and she has been instrumental in applying that strategy to InStyle. Over the past 18 months she has helped develop five original series.


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