2012 Best of the Web Awards: Video Magazine Branded Show


Entertainment Weekly: Magazine-Branded Shows on EW.com

Leveraging its sharp-witted editorial staff, the celebrities it covers, and smart online distribution, EW has turned the Web into its own little cable network. The ongoing series Spoiler Room understands that the best Web video is conversational. It fields audience questions to pose to the stars who visit with EW. The magazine solidifies its identification with the huge July Comic-Con convention in San Diego in massive online coverage – up to 25 video interviews a day, many fed by viewer questions. And such major in-book editorial projects as the Cast Reunions come to life in video clips that add great behind-the-shoot interviews and revealing pop culture tidbits. EW has moved beyond just “doing video” online. It is a magazine actively crafting an editorial identity and purpose in the streaming media space.

Honorable Mentions:

  • This Old House: "Hammer it Out"
  • Rodale Inc.: Bicycling Magazine 2011 Tour de France
  • Condé Nast:: Vogue.com

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