2012 Best of the Web Awards: Blog


Consumer Winner: American Media, Inc.: Fit Pregnancy‘s "Ask the Labor Nurse Blog"

In a digital universe of shoot-from-the-hip opinion and real-time bloviating that lacks a filter and a fact-checker, magazines have the opportunity – nay, responsibility – to set a higher bar. In the weekly blog from registered nurse Jeanne Faulkner, Fitpregnancy.com brings authority and common sense to an advice genre too often driven by user-generated myth. The Ask the Labor Nurse blog engages the audience by answering reader questions, but Faulkner does so by supplying real expertise and experience. Since pregnant couples are dealing with health professionals regularly, Faulkner helps readers understand what happens on the other side of the exam table. She fields topics that range from how to manage the Santa question with kids to specific worries about pregnancy symptoms, World AIDS Day, and to riffs on fashion-conscious gym rats. It is a combination of personal experience and reliable information that defines a bedside manner and helped the blog increase its traffic 131% in a year and get named “Most Informative” among Babble’s top 50 pregnancy blogs.

B2B Winner: TMG Custom Media: JCK’s Cutting Remarks

Like a gem cutter slicing through a rough piece of diamond, JCK senior editor Rob Bates employs a level of expertise and precision in his posts that are rare in blogging. Whether he is unraveling controversy around diamond mining in countries with poor human rights records or phoning sources to get the latest on a bombing in the Mumbai diamond district, Bates turns Cutting Remarks into an indispensable resource for 100,000 professionals who read it. This is what a b2b blog should be – the center of the conversation at a publishing Web site. Bates earns that status every day by bringing to the site his industry sources, years of experience, and an editor’s understanding of what his professional audience wants addressed. It is the most commented upon feature at the recently relaunched JCKOnline and shows how a 140-year-old b2b brand for the jewelry industry leverages digital media to remain a polished jewel for the industry.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Real Simple: Simple Tip:
  • Slate Magazine: Slate’s "Weigel": 
  • Allure Magazine: Daily Beauty Reporter
  • Entertainment Weekly: EW.com’s PopWatch
  • Condé Nast: Healthy SELF, Self.com
  • Scientific American: A Blog Around the Clock

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