2010 IMA Awards: Wow Award (b2b)


Winner: Successful Farming – All Around the Farm Program

To enrich the value of the Firestone brand with readers and dealers, Successful Farming revamped a long-running editorial section, All Around the Farm, which is compiled from reader input. A longtime traditional feature, more than 6,800 ideas have been published in All Around the Farm’s 80-year history. In the new version, seven reader-submitted ideas were published each month and the “Idea of the Month” author was given $2,500 in Firestone in-store credit. The awards were handed out by dealers, engaging local dealerships and media alike—to the tune of 15 million media impressions.

And the ideas live on in book form—this published collection has already has been purchased by several hundred tire dealerships for display. Richard Scott

Honorable Mentions:

Farm Progress Companies – The Farm Progress Show: The inventive coordination of pre-event marketing with in-event activities produced an exceptional turnout and delivered great results for the Farm Progress Show, delivering key metrics through the use of technology like bar-coded coupons.

SAP AP – “Clear New World” Campaign
: In addition to its engaging Corporate Expectation Barometer, with which users could compare business trends and learn from industry leaders, SAP’s Clear New World campaign aligned its outreach placements with editorial on various business practices, delivering sought-after education during the recession.

TechWeb – Community in a Box:
 With a focus on community, TechWeb’s innovative publishing platform connects customers with suppliers through an integrative public-facing system that rolls content, community and design into one robust, controllable and engaging portal.

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