2010 Editorial & Design Awards: Website Design

By Steve Smith

Winner: Sports Illustrated – SI.com

SI.com leads with its strengths with a Web site design that highlights the core editorial principles that
have guided the brand for decades and continues to make it stand out in a cluttered field of competitors.
The lush and large marquee images on the home page demonstrate every day the magazine’s ability to
capture the drama and action of sport in the still image. The embedded video turns the brand into a 24/7
multimedia experience, but driven by expert commentary. But first and foremost, SI is about the writing
and the writers. The indispensable dream team of SI columnists are ever-present in this design to anchor
news with context and perspective. The site maintains the basic structure deeper into the bench, where
the topical section pages maintain the organization of the home page but give the fans of specific sports
a section that feels like home. SI.com sells the brand because it embodies the brand.

Honorable Mentions:

Dwell - Dwell.com: Dwell.com brings us in the house. The expert use of colorful, large images on a black plane invite us into the content and reward us with gallery after gallery of spaces that are as expertly crafted as this site that chronicles them.

Hearst Magazines – RealBeauty.com: 
This how-to site for beauty has a deceptively clean and simple face that is more than skin deep. The deft design uses richly detailed drop-down section menus to reveal the site’s true depths and get readers to specific tips in a single click.

National Association of Realtors – Houselogic.com: Through a series of tools and practical advice about taxes, community, and finance, this new site by the Realtors Association lets visitors understand home ownerships through the lens of financial value.