2010 Editorial & Design Awards: Blog

By Steve Smith

Winner: Everyday Health: Life With MS – Trevis L. Gleason

When Trevis Gleason speaks of multiple sclerosis at his EverydayHealth.com blog, he knows his stuff in a very personal way. Diagnosed with MS himself, Gleason chronicles the day-to-day limitations of surviving with MS. He also addresses the needs of his fellow travelers with practical advice, breaking and relevant treatments and medical news. Whether it is discussing managing the costs or the latest efforts of the National MS Society, he invokes an unsentimental but informative tone that speaks to all readers.

Honorable Mentions:

Budget Travel – This Just In, BudgetTravel.com’s Blog
Computerworld – Android Power
Discover Magazine – Discover Blogs
Entertainment Weekly – EW.com’s PopWatch
Fit Bottomed Girls
IDG Enterprise – Enterprise Software Unplugged
USANA Health Services – What’s Up USANA?