2010 Best of the Web: Premium Site


Men’sHealth.com Personal Trainer

When content becomes a genuine service, users are happy to pay. In the case of Rodale’s hugely successful Personal Trainer properties, the service is measurable in customer results. Yes, we’re talking flat abs.
The subscription-based product surrounds the user with tools, advice and support. The key to the value proposition, however, is the personalization component. Users start with a questionnaire that results in customized workout plans, a set of realistic fitness goals and even exercises tuned to their tastes. The MH regimen delivers on the promise of being “personal.” For those who wish they could bring their personal trainer into the grocery store with them, Men’s Health obliges not only with daily meal plans and menus but also grocery lists and recipes. And then there is support—fellow fitness enthusiasts who tell you to buck up, don’t eat that donut and get back on the workout wagon. The Men’s Health Personal Trainer gives the users a sense of value because it swarms the customer with a team of experts, nutritionists and peers.

Honorable Mention:

Penton Media – WardAuto.com: No one envies the job WardsAuto.com had in 2009 chronicling one of the worst years in auto industry history. In the face of disaster the site increased its overall content 10%, reached out to new social media venues and succeeded in continuing to sign up new subscribers and upsell customers into print products and services.

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